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Tips for CDL License and Training

Preparing for your CDL license and training can be complex. It’s not as easy as people think. It takes a lot of concentration and studying to receive your CDL and training. You have to make sure you are ready and prepared before you start your CDL training. Important CDL Training Tips You have to prepare […]

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How To Become a Garbage Truck Driver

Garbage truck drivers and collectors are also known as sanitation workers, garbage men and garbage collectors. These are people who are charged with the responsibility of driving around garbage trucks and collecting the waste material from house and business premises for onward disposal to the designated areas such as waste management facilities or recycling centers. […]

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What are CDL Class A and B?

If you are a driver or you are a company that will employ several drivers, then you will first want to get CDL insurance on all your trucks. Getting CDL insurance can involve some work, but if you get all your information together and be prepared for a lot of questions you will be able […]

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Transportation Management Software

Trucking is a business of logistics, and to do logistics well in this day and age you are going to need both experience and a software package that will allow you to optimize your time and assets in order to turn a profit in this competitive business. There are a number of terms you’ll hear […]

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How to Start a Freight Brokerage

In some ways, starting a freight brokerage is much easier than starting a trucking or carrier company. Namely, your startup costs are much lower, because you do not need to have a fleet of trucks, or the employees the drive the fleet (even if its a fleet of one). The physical requirements for starting a […]

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What is a Freight Broker and Should You Become One?

Freight brokers manage the incredible logistic challenge of pairing people who want to transport cargo (known as shippers) with companies that are a) authorized to transport cargo, b) have enough spare room in their trucks and c) happen to be going to the same place that the cargo needs to go. The companies that transport […]

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How to Get a Commercial Driver’s License

Anyone considering starting a trucking business needs to have a CDL. That included the business person with a million dollars to hire drivers to the married couple who has one leased truck to start their in-state transportation business. To give you an idea of what you’re getting into, a CDL is probably about as hard […]

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How to Pick a Truck Driving School

The truth is that in many states, if you are smart and test well, you may be able to get through the CDL and FMCSR exams and requirements on your own. Some states do not require class time, and if you have prior experience driving truck-related vehicles (like military experience, or public transportation experience, or […]

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