What are CDL Class A and B?

If you are a driver or you are a company that will employ several drivers, then you will first want to get CDL insurance on all your trucks. Getting CDL insurance can involve some work, but if you get all your information together and be prepared for a lot of questions you will be able to obtain CDL insurance for your truck or trucks depending on what you want to insure.

Information to Gather

You need to get all your information together before you start to inquire about CDL insurance from insurance companies. This will save you time if you gather the information that any insurance company will ask you before you start to get quotes for CDL insurance. The first thing you need to get is the vehicle identification numbers for all vehicles that you plan on insuring. If you want to insure more than one truck, then get all the trucks VIN numbers and the year and make of the truck. The next thing you will want to do is have the drivers that you plan on driving your truck’s information. The information on the drivers is their license number and the driver’s history of their driving record. Get all this information before you call the insurance company. This is a major thing that the insurance will want to know. If your drivers have a bad driving record this will reflect on your rates. The other information you will want to have with you is your current insurance policy. If you are new to the trucking industry, then you will want to have your coverage of your auto policy, but if you have a truck or more insured, then have that policy to compare the rates and coverage.

Types of Insurance for CDL

There are types of insurance that you can get information on if you are looking to purchase CDL insurance. If you have a business that uses commercial vehicles, then you will want to purchase CDL insurance. This insurance will cover the type of truck you are insuring as well as the driver that is driving your commercial vehicle. You have to have enough insurance in case anything would happen to the driver while he is driving your truck.

You will also want to inquire about workers compensation insurance. The reason you want this insurance along with your CDL insurance is a driver could have an accident while getting in the truck or slip or fall out of the truck and you as the owner of the truck and being the employer is responsible for this driver’s injuries. You can’t just buy insurance for the truck you also have to cover the driver.

You also will want information on the type of trailer that your truck will be connected to and hauling. You want insurance on any type of freight that your driver or company is hauling. If your driver has an accident and the merchandise in the trailer is damaged, then you want to make sure your insurance will cover all the damages to the merchandise or you will be out thousands of dollars for this accident. You also want to ask about insurance in case the trailer is refrigerated and the cooling goes out the freight is damaged. This way you are covered no matter what can happen to your merchandise while your driver is hauling this freight.

You also will want to let the insurance company if there will be any passengers in the truck besides the driver. Why must they know this? CDL insurance isn’t like car insurance. You can have passengers in your car without having to tell the insurance company and if an accident happens the passengers are covered, but in a commercial truck the insurance must know about passengers. If a commercial truck has an accident, then the damages ocurred are normally pretty severe and any passengers have to be covered and this does cost more to the company who is getting insurance on the truck.

You also have to get state requirement on your truck or commercial vehicle. You want to let the insurance company what states the truck may be in and you have to have the requirements for all states that the truck will be in. You don’t want to never have enough insurance on your truck. You never know if you have to use the insurance and you want it to be enough to cover any and all damages done.

Where to Find CDL Insurance

You can find CDL insurance with just about any insurance company, but you may want to inquire with an insurance company that specializes in CDL insurance. The reason you may want to do this is that they know what coverage you have to have to be legal and what discounts they can give you when you purchase your CDL insurance.

You can ask your current carrier of your auto insurance if they cover CDL insurance and they may be able to give you a good quote and coverage for your CDL insurance. Don’t just purchase CDL insurance from the first quote you get. Call around and get several quotes and see what rate is best and what type of coverage they are offering you and your trucks. There are many insurance companies that offer CDL insurance for one truck or a fleet of trucks and you can find a reasonable rate if you are patient and take the time to find one.


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