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Winter driving can be a challenge for truck drivers. Truck drivers have to drive in winter conditions no matter how bad it gets. A truck driver has to get the load to the destination and winter driving can make it harder for the truck driver.

There are tips that truck drivers can use that will help them with winter driving and winter conditions.

Winter driving tips:

Many truck drivers don’t know this, but diesel fuel will gel up like jello if it is very cold. If your fuel starts to gel, then your truck won’t start or run. To prevent this from happening, then you need to an anti-gel additive into your tank to prevent this from happening. Once it happens a truck driver is stranded until it can be repaired. You won’t be able to run your heat if this happens. This is a very important winter tip.

Before you take off in your truck in winter conditions, then do your pre-inspection on your truck. Make sure everything is working. You need to also clear any snow or ice that is on your truck, lights, roof and windshield. This will keep it from flying up on your windshield while you are driving and allowing you to see as well.

Always keep a half a tank of fuel in your truck in the winter months. This will ensure you that you have fuel and you don’t run out in case you are stranded somewhere for some time.

The truck driver should carry a bag of sand or salt in their truck in case they happen to get stuck and need some extra traction. You can spread the sand or salt out and get you back on the road.

Road Tips:

Keeping a safe distance while you are driving in the winter is essential for truck drivers. It takes a truck longer to stop and when the road has ice or snow on it you want to make sure that you are able to stop before you hit another vehicle.

If the roads are very icy and you still need to drive, then you should carry chains for your tires. You can put these chains on your tires and the chains will give you the extra traction you need to pull your truck and trailer without just spinning your tires.

If you see cars spinning out or sliding all over the highway, then you may want to consider pulling off the road until the roads are clear. There is no need to risk your life or other drivers on the road. When it is just not safe to drive in the winter conditions, then pull over until the roads are clear and safe for you to drive.

Always listen to the weather report. This will keep you informed on the weather where you are going to be traveling through. You always want to be prepared for any road condition. Ice, snow and sleet are very difficult road conditions for any driver. A truck driver has more experience in this and should take precautions when they encounter these conditions.

Winter Conditions:

Black ice is a winter condition that truck drivers need to be aware of. Black ice can’t be seen. The only way you will know that you have hit black ice is when your truck starts to slide. You want to make sure you that if the temperature is 32 degrees or lower to reduce your speed because you may encounter black ice on the road.

Ice can build up on your windshield very quickly when you are driving. Make sure you keep your defroster going so that your windshield stays clear and you have a clear vision of the road and the activity going around while you are driving.

Keep both hands on your steering wheel. Don’t do anything that will take your hands off the wheel. You never know if you may have to make a quick turn to avoid an accident. This will keep you aware of the road.

If you have found yourself in a skid from the ice or snow, then don’t panic. This is very important. The first thing you need to do is press your clutch and steer and quickly to get your truck back in front of your trailer. Doing this will keep your trailer from flipping over.

Plan your trip out before you take off. If the weather is bad where you are going to be driving, then allow extra time to get there. Slow your speed down and take your time.

Driving through the mountains in winter conditions can be very dangerous if you don’t know what to do. Prepare yourself for snow, ice and wind. Climbing up a mountain takes time. You must take it slow, but enough speed for your truck to pull you and your trailer up the mountain. Take it slow when you are going down the mountain. Weather changes quickly when you drive through the mountain and you have to be alert and safe while driving in these conditions. If the highway recommends for you to wait to drive through the area, then pull over and wait for the roads to be clear and it is safe for you to drive.

Final Tips:

Winter conditions can be deadly for a truck driver, but using the tips will ensure your safety. You must never drive when you are tired. Always make sure you have plenty of rest before you drive. You are alert when you are rested.

Watch weather reports and keep your radio tuned in for any upcoming weather reports. Knowing what is on the way can prepare you for your trip. You may take alternate routes or wait to drive.

Have extra food and water and warm clothes in your truck. You never know when you may be stranded for a while and this will keep you warm and safe.

You may be the best truck driver ever, but you have to consider that you are on the road with other truck drivers and vehicle drivers. They may not have the experience that you have. You want to watch out for these drivers. They may cause you to have an accident. Be alert and stay safe and use the tips to drive in winter conditions.


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