How To Write a Truck Driver Resume That Gets You a Job

Are you a truck driver and you want to create your truck driving resume? Having a resume when you are a professional truck driver is an advantage when you are searching for a new job with other truck driving companies. There are things you should include in your resume that will catch the attention of future employers and you want to put them into your resume.
What should you include on your resume?

Being a professional truck driver there are several things that future employers want to see on your driving resume. You want to include these important information on your resume so that companies can see what you are offering them.

One of these things that you should include on your resume that is very important is your experience in driving a commercial vehicle. How long have you been driving? What type of driving have you been doing? Have you been an over the road driver and how many miles have you logged? These are important to companies because they will see how long you have been driving. This shows your length of experience. You want to include the type of truck you have been driving along with the type of trailer you have experience with as well. The company will see what you are used to driving and the type of trailer you used. There are different types of trailers. There are flat bed trailers and box trailers. You may have driven double or triple trailers and companies like to know this information as well.

The states that you have driven through are important to future employers. Companies like to know if you have more than one state experience. They also like to know if you are able to be on the road for a period of time or if you want to drive locally. The company will also like to know if you are faithful to a company or if you have jumped from one truck company to another. This doesn’t look good if you are a job jumper. The company may think you will do the same to them as you have done with past employers.

List Endorsements

List any endorsements that you have extra on your CDL license. This is a good feature to have when you are sending a resume to a company. This lets the company know what equipment you can drive legally with the endorsements you have on your license. You should also put on your resume what credentials you may have received while you have been a professional truck driver. If you have any safety awards, then put these on your resume so future employers see you are a safe driver with credentials.

Work History

You should put down all your work history that you have as a truck driver. This lets the company know who you have worked for and for what time you gave the company. Your past employers can also be used as a reference for you as well as a past employer. If you have had a problem with a past employer, then you still should put them on your resume, but explain the situation. Don’t leave anyone out on your resume.

List your training that you have taken to become a truck driver. If you went to a private truck driving training school, then put down the information of the school and when you graduated. You should also put down how you did in your training. If you got your truck driving training through a company school in house training, then put it down and when you completed the time to find anther job.

Tips For a Successful Resume

You want to catch the attention of the company, but you don’t want to bore them either. You don’t want to put in information that is not needed. You don’t want your resume to be so long that it contains to much information and bores future employers. Keep your resume interesting and stick to the main points of your driving history. You want to catch the attention of the companies that you are sending your resume to and not have unnecessary information on your resume.

You should put down all training on your resume. You should include the previous three or four employers. You don’t have to put down the last twenty years of your jobs. If you have worked for the same employer for five or ten years, then put them down. The most important employers are the previous three or four employers.
Include references that are business related. Companies like to see that you are recommended by your previous employers and that they hate to lose you to another company and are going to recommend your job performances to other companies.

You should also put on your resume that you have passed your medical card and it is valid. Show the date when you have done your medical physical and when it expires. This is good for future employers to see that they won’t be out money to send you for a drug test and you may fail. This is a big expense for companies and they want to know there will be no problem with you passing a drug test or medical test.

Final Points

Finish your resume up with what you can bring to a future employer. Your resume shouldn’t be several pages long. You can put enough information about yourself in your resume without writing a book. If you lose the future employers attention, then they may not want to continue reading your resume and set it aside. Keep the attention by keeping the information simple, but putting the important information needed on your resume.

Doing these tips you will have no problem writing your truck driver resume and be able to get a better job with many employers.


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